Database Recovery as a Service (DBRaaS)

Database Recovery as a Service or DBRaaS is a simple and cost-effective DR solution that integrates with your existing on premise database implementations and provides a corresponding in-Cloud failover database.  Protect your most important asset – your data. Replicate the database into an enterprise class, Cloud based data centre while being sensitive to regional regulatory requirements – UK or international.  DBRaaS offers minimal maintenance and cost efficiency while delivering security and peace of mind.

Database recovery in the Cloud for Retailers

Automating your database disaster recovery plan…

    • Reliable database replication into the Microsoft and Amazon Clouds
    • Secure encrypted data transfer and data at rest, and PCI/DSS compliance
    • Managed Service support for Oracle and Microsoft database technologies
    • Flexible recovery times (RPO/RTO)
    • 24×7 service monitoring
    • UK and international data centres

Availability of your Point of Sale (PoS) and consolidated sales figures
The Point of Sale capability of any retailer, be that a physical till or an e-commerce website, is arguably the single most important system.

Short of recommissioning shoe boxes to take cash, the loss of the PoS system is probably the single most catastrophic event a retailer faces. Loss of PoS equals immediate loss of revenue.

Availability of your stock management and fulfilment systems
Assuming you’re taking transactions, loss of your stock management system (SMS) can wreak havoc.

Stock levels on the shelves can soon become depleted without the SMS knowing. This means no JIT stock replacements being shipped. Empty shelves, means loss of revenue.

Equally, if your website is making sales and your SMS is not responding to stock requests, you can end up over selling against stock you don’t have.
These scenarios can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Availability of your Business Intelligence systems
In today’s world of near real time information feeds, most high street and web based retailers are tracking their performance minute by minute, always trying to tune their offering to maximise revenues.

From understanding immediate flash sales figures to factoring in foot fall statistics or weather conditions, or seasonal sales trends, or the impact of major news events such as Brexit, retailers are continuously looking to understand their consumers’ behaviours and habits and influence their buying decisions through these understandings.



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Features and Benefits

Enterprise grade Database Recovery service

Protect your valuable data by replicating your databases securely into the Cloud, ensuring your critical business applications are recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Based on best-in-class Microsoft and Oracle enterprise database technologies, wherever your data resides, you have peace of mind that your data is safely locked away.

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Compelling cloud-based alternative to duplication of resources

Traditionally, building a DBR solution requires the duplication of…
• A secondary data centre
• Physical servers and storage

But the cost doesn’t stop there. DR solutions involve…
• Support staff
• Ongoing utility expenses
• Periodic hardware refreshes

All of which sit idle waiting for a disaster that may never happen.

Alternatively, you can eliminate the expensive burden of disaster recovery sites and infrastructure and implement a low cost and simple hybrid Cloud based solution.

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Secure and reliable Database Recovery as a Service

Your data is secure over the wire and at rest. Once your DR database is in the Cloud, you can rest assured that it is stored on replicated storage in more than one data centre. With a 99.9% service availability, you can sleep easy knowing you can recover from a disaster at a moment’s notice.

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Efficient and flexible Database Recovery Services

Using built-in and vendor standard technologies, information is transmitted efficiently to your Cloud recovery server. Once the baseline copy of your database to the recovery server is secured, only transactional changes are sent as defined by your Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Built-in features such as compression and encryption help boost IT efficiency.

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Security built right in

Cybersecurity attacks today are more relentless, sophisticated, targeted, and damaging. It’s no wonder that security is the #1 concern for organizations everywhere.

You can rest assured knowing that we and our partners take this topic seriously and will continue to provide the trustworthy computing solutions organisations are looking for.

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