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UIM Saving the world, one database at a time

dsp… Saving businesses time and money through database monitoring.

For most, time and money is what’s scarce and businesses certainly don’t want to incur lost revenue through avoidable downtime.

In recent years, dsp have invested heavily in their database monitoring solutions (UIM) and integrated ‘best-in-class’ monitoring technologies into their core support offering; helping to catch and resolve mission critical database issues with faster response times and with greater insight into the underlying cause. Ensuring your IT platforms are uptime, all the time.
By taking advantage of dsp’s leading monitoring solution, companies are capitalising on the ability to free up costly internal resources and focus on driving revenue through innovation (as opposed to time spent on business-as-usual, system maintenance).

UIM is the a shining star in the world of databases, allowing 24*7 monitoring of mission critical IT platforms – combining insightful reporting with incident failover thresholds. This means on average 85% of critical issues are resolved before impacting on the day-to-day running of a business.

Phil Huntly, dsp’s founding direct commented:

With reports available through a secure client portal and alerting available via various mediums, businesses can decided on whether to respond internally or rely on dsp’s skilled team of Database Analysts.

Regardless of whether businesses rely on in-house or outsourced database support, the benefits of UIM are clear to see..

Alleviating the risks of downtime – saving time and money. 

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