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The differences between Oracle Database 9i, 10g,11g and 12c

With Oracle Database 9i and 10g now both out of support, you should be thinking about an Oracle Database Upgrade to Oracle 11g or 12c?

With each release there is is always improvements and new features.

Here are some key features of Oracle Database 9i, 10g and 11g;

Oracle 9i



RAC Introduced

      Providing High avaliability

RAC Improvements

       improved clusterware

       Introduction of VIP’s for RAC

Further RAC Improvements

       Faster failover of services

       Grid Plug&Play allowing seamless additions/removal of nodes

DataGuard enhancements

      Detection of gasps and automatic resolution

DataGuard improvements

       Realtime apply and log compressions

      Fast start failover added

Active DataGuard added

       Standby Database can now be queried whilst redo apply is active

Backup and Recovery

       Block level recovery

      Improved reporting and automation

Data Pump added

      Extract and import data faster than ever

Improved Manageability

       ASM Cluster FileSystem (ACFS) Introduced

      Virtual Columns added

Oracle Database Comparison

dsp have extensive experience across all Oracle database versions, Oracle Database upgrades and Oracle Database consultancy.

Oracle Database 12c – what is new?

There are a host of new features that are now available with Oracle database 12c, including multitenant architecture which enables you to run pluggable databases in a multitenant container database. There are also many improvements in areas such as Big Data, Data security and Storage optimisation, which are key areas which will help drive future business growth.

More information on Oracle12c can be downloaded here.

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