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Virtualization that addresses application requirements.

Virtualization. Call it the latest buzz word or technology fad but it’s having a huge impact on the technology industry as a whole. The deployment of virtualization is primarily driven by the need to improve data centre operations and efficiencies (for both Oracle database andMicrosoft SQL Server databases). However, there are a number of virtualization options available and selecting the right one can make all the difference. One item to take into account when evaluating the options is the application requirements, both from a business and technical perspective. Integrated virtualization solutions with applications and servers are the most effective and bring the most benefits.

The optimal building blocks for maximum agility and streamlined operations are comprised of a combination of the hardware, operating system, virtualization platform, database solution, applications, management and support.

This type of all encompassing solution creates a foundation for future technology roadmaps that include cloud-based environments. Driving your virtualization strategy by acknowledging the application requirements enables deployment of complete solutions.

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dsp drives up its share of the Database MSP Market with
record contract growth and 2nd acquisition

DSP firmly established itself as one of the UK’s fastest growing proactive Database MSPs during 2016, signing £2.1m of new contracts and making its second acquisition, the Oracle DBA support division of IT Services provider ITSB.

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Applications on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

A main goal... how to future proof your applications environment through Oracle while becoming more efficient in terms of costs and productivity.

As well as the option of developing the fundamental steps you need to take to get ...

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How can you regularly benchmark your database and application infrastructure against real-life? Why would you want to?

In the age of big data, public cloud, private cloud it’s easy to be pushed into constantly thinking about the future... What should you optimise though and how can you be sure it’ll make a difference? Would knowing it could give you a competitive edge be worth considering?

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