"What makes dsp’s services work for Ocado is they are friendly, professional, easy to work with..."

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Trusted by Oracle and trusted by Microsoft, we have been winning awards year on year since dsp was established.

dsp have a long standing history in providing database consultancy for both Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. As an Oracle Platinum and Microsoft Gold Partner we are proud of our pedigree as well as the breadth of knowledge within our DBA teams.

We understand that technology on its own is not a business solution. Innovative technology and features can often be misplaced without fully unlocking their business potential.

We take those new features, break them down, analyse them and present solutions that add real value to your unique business and offer powerful return on investment.


Whether your database is cumbersome, causing frequent outages, letting overnight batch jobs spill into the working day or just eating up your IT budget in constant support, we’re ready to come to your rescue.

We encounter challenges like these every day. They’re issues we absolutely know how to solve, and we love them, even if you don’t. So, don’t let your database limp on – let us at it. We’ll make good your database woes and while we’re there, make a truly positive impact on your business.

Remember, dsp is technology agnostic. We won’t tell you to throw anything away because we don’t agree with the badge, we are the biggest fence sitters in the industry – and we like it that way, because from this impartial view we can tell you whether the grass is truly greener on the other side.

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Managed Services Partner of the Year 2016/17

dsp has been named winner of the Managed Services Partner of the Year at the ninth annual UK Oracle User Group Partner of the Year Awards.

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JDA on ODA: WMS best practices with Oracle

This is a networking event for JDA users running Warehouse Management System (WHS).

We will be discussing a wide range of topics including: JDA application stack management, platform consolidation, best practice with Oracle Database Appliance and much more...

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What’s the difference between DB-RaaS and DRaaS?

Our CTO Simon Brooks dives deep into the world of Recovery as a Service and explains the fundamental differences between the two. I know this has opened my eyes to Data Recovery.

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